Join the All Slots Casino - Pharaoh's Treasure Promo Today

Nothing says adventure like chasing after an ancient treasure, opening it up to discover the riches it contains. That's why All Slots Casino has launched the Pharoah's Treasure promotion for the month of June. And All Slots has made it particularly easy to qualify. All you have to do is to play your favorite online or mobile casino games, and the more games you play, the more treasure chests you get to open. With the All Slots Casino - Pharaoh's Treasure promo, you get a chance to win some of the most sought-after prize in the online casino. You can get free spins for some of the most popular slots games at All Slots, up to 100 bonus playing credits, or double your loyalty points. Best of all, you can qualify as many as eight times during the course of the month. The entire month of June is divided into eight playing periods, and you can qualify to open as many as three treasure chests in each period. So don't hold back playing your favorite games in June. All those games put together could lead you directly to Pharaoh's Treasure.

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How far you go with All Slots Casino - Pharaoh's Treasure is directly related to how much you have played during a particular playing period. If you have played 2-5 unique games, with a minimum of 10 bets during the period, you get to unlock one of the treasure chests and received the prize it contains. If you have played 6-10 games with a minimum of 10 bets, you unlock two chests. And if you've played 11 or more games, you get the maximum bonus of three treasure chests waiting to reveal their rewards. That's why it clearly pays to play the games you love. And it also pays to try out new games you might have been curious about in the past, because the more unique games you play, the more bonus treasure chests you get to open. And since each treasure chest contains a prize, it makes sense go for as many games as you like. You never know if that extra treasure chest will give you those extra free spins that lands you winnings you never expected, or the extra push in loyalty points that moves you that small bit closer to an invitation to the VIP Lounge.

With All Slots Promos, Everyone Wins

The most exciting element of the All Slots Casino - Pharaoh's Treasure promotion is, of course, winning the prizes. Imagine winning 25 free spins on great slots games like Avalon, Terminator ll, or Golden Princess - just for playing games you already love to play. You might also receive up to 100 playing credits, or double your loyalty points on the featured games for that round of play. It's hard to guess which prize is the most valuable. The free spins could turn into a lot more if you're particularly lucky with the spins. The playing credits, especially if you uncover a treasure chest that gives you the maximum, could save you making a deposit and bring you winnings you might not have ventured to try without the bonus. The loyalty bonus, however, may turn out to be the big prize in the long run because it stays with you after the free spins and playing credits have gone. One of the biggest prizes of all is an invitation to the VIP lounge, where the biggest players get the best treatment, including promotions no one else qualifies to receive. But with the All Slots Casino - Pharaoh's Treasure promotion, everyone is a winner, and that's a prize worth pursuing.