Win Halloween Sweepstakes at All Slots

During the month of October the All Slots casino combines your favourite online casino games with themed fun and excitement of an eerie Halloween Sweepstakes contest. You'll experience multiple opportunities to win Halloween Sweepstakes at All Slots along with all of your base game earnings, game bonuses and regular casino promotions. The Halloween Sweepstakes gives you one more opportunity to enjoy fun-filled casino entertainment and take home big wins.

The Aussie online casino promotion Sweepstakes is applicable on all of your favourite casino games on any gaming device. So regardless of your preferred games or your chosen gambling device, you'll experience a high-quality casino adventure with extra October earnings when you play the Halloween Sweepstakes at the All Slots casino.

Halloween Thrills

The celebration of Halloween dates back to the ancient Celts who warded off ghosts with the Samhain holiday of bonfires and costumes. The Catholic Church embraced the customs of Samhain when 8th century Pope Gregory incorporated the customs into the new "All Saints Day" when Christian martyrs and saints were to be honored. The evening before All Saints Day, which fell on November 1st, was designated as All Hallows Eve.

Over the years Halloween has evolved and today it's a secular, community-based celebration in which people wear costumes and have parties while kids look forward to some trick-or-treating activities.   

The All Slots Casino invites you to celebrate with other casino competitors in the Aussie online casino promotion. Roulette, poker, blackjack, pokies and other players will find multiple opportunities to add to their casino entertainment when they play Halloween Sweepstakes at All Slots and add more payouts to their gambling event.

Halloween Treats

The Halloween Sweepstakes at All Slots brings you Halloween treats in the form of added casino give-aways. There's a draw every week throughout October and each draw offers you new opportunities to win big casino prizes.

To join the sweepstakes and enter your name in the draw, click the “Earn Tickets Now” link on the Halloween Sweepstakes promotional email that you receive in your inbox, or at the My Offers casino webpage. You can also click the "Check My Tickets" link on the Halloween Sweepstakes landing page.

For every ticket that you earn, you'll have more chances of winning when the draw comes around.

You can earn tickets in a number of ways.

  1. Earn tickets by collecting Loyalty Points. For every 50 Loyalty Points that you accrue throughout a specific week you'll receive one ticket for the draw.
  2. Earn tickets through the number of days that you play each week. You earn two tickets for the week following a week during which you played for 3 days; three tickets for the week following a promotional week during which you played for five days and 5 tickets for the week's draw following a week during which you played for 7 days.  Since the preceding week is a short week, the five tickets are only available for the week beginning October 11th and onward.    

Promotional Periods

The first promotional period is from October 6th – October 10th 2015. This round is a short round, since there are only 5 wagering days, so the 7th day multiplier is not available during this period.

Round 2 is from October 11th – October 17th 2015. The 7th day multiplier is applicable during this round onward.

Round 3 is from October 18th – October 24th 2015.

Round 4 is from October 25th – November 1st 2015.

Participants can earn one prize per draw.


The sweepstakes offer weekly prizes that total $25,000 PER WEEK. Each draw will result in  

  • 5 players who will win 1,000 credits each
  • 10 players who will win 500 credits each
  • 25 players who will win 100 credits each
  • 50 players who will win 50 credits each
  • 100 who will win 25 credits each
  • 250 who will win 10 credits each
  • 1,000 who will win 5 credits each

If you're a draw winner you'll receive notification of your win in your email inbox as well as via a SMS text message and via a message within the casino software.

Relevant Games

The Halloween sweepstakes is applicable to all of the casino games. Regardless of whether you're a high-stakes gamer or you prefer to play for low-stakes, you'll be able to add your Halloween sweepstakes wins to your regular game payouts.

The Sweepstakes promotion is open to everyone, so everyone wins! The more tickets that you earn during each promotion, the more opportunities you have to earn the sweepstakes bonanza prizes. You can add tickets by playing any of the casino's table games such as craps, baccarat and roulette or the multiple varieties of blackjack or poker which include single-hand and multi-hand card game variations. You can also collect tickets by playing casino lotteries such as scratch card, keno, bingo and sic bo. The casino pokies continues to be a highlight of Australian casino activity and you can apply three-reel classic slots as well as five-reel video slots to your Halloween sweepstakes bonus.

The promotion is also open to all players on all casino platforms. Sign into the casino on your laptop or desktop PC at the Download Casino or your smartphone or tablet device at the mobile casino and jump into the Halloween sweepstakes where you'll be able to add your Halloween draw ticket earnings to your base game payouts, your bonus round wins and your regular casino promotions. You'll experience an enhanced casino experience when you Win Halloween Sweepstakes at All Slots.