All Slots Golden Egg Bonusfest

With All Slots Casino, there is always something else to enjoy. They have promotions and bonuses that will keep every person having a blast each time that they come back to the site. Right now they are offering the awesome All Slots Golden Egg Bonusfest that every player will want to check out. This is one of the casino promotions for Aussies that you simply won’t want to miss. How does it work and what is it all about? Read more about the monthly Aussie online promotions to have a blast today.

Win Prizes Playing Australian Promotions

Here is how to join the fun as Easter approaches. Deposit $20 or more to the site. Then, you’ll get one egg each day that you play. The more eggs that you get, the more that you can win each Sunday. If you collect all seven eggs then you’ll have a guaranteed bonus. This is a bit like an Easter egg hunt online – can anything be more fun or more appropriate for Easter? Here are the amounts that you can win with the chance to play Aussie casinos online with this promotion. If you collect two golden eggs you can win as much as $50. If you collect three or four you can win up to $75. If you collect five or six you can win as much as $100.  And if you collect the entire seven you’ll win as much as $150. You can continue with the monthly Aussie online promotions to collect eggs all month to win big in their $10,000 Eggstravaganza. They will have a drawing on April 29th and you’ll certainly want to be part of it.

The $10,000 Eggstravaganza

There will be 500 players who will win big with the All Slots Golden Egg Bonusfest. The more eggs that players collect, the better chance the players have to win big. Winners will be notified on April 29th.

Crack the Egg Boosters

There is yet another way to have a blast with this promotion. They have something called Crack the Egg Boosters. Every Wednesday they have a 24 hour bonus booster. You’ll crack an egg and then see what is inside. You can get deposit bonuses, cashback, and other awesome surprises which will make your Easter that much more fun. You should keep on eye on your email and check on the My Offers section in the casino for more details.

Great Details

As you think about joining the chance to win prizes playing Australian promotions, you’ll want to keep in mind some details. The chance to enjoy the All SlotsGolden Egg Bonusfest is for players of All Slots and a few other sites. The promotion started on March 29 and will run through Saturday, April 25. You have to deposit 20 credits or more each week of the promotion to be part of the chance to play Aussie online casino games with this promotion. The promotion is broken into four week-long promotion periods. Each of the Sundays, players will have the chance to win bonuses based on how many Golden Eggs they have earned. With the 10000 credit Eggstravaganza Draw players have a chance to share the 10000 credits based on how many Golden Eggs they have earned from March 29 until April 25.

Easter is just around the corner and we all want to have a great holiday. Bring in the holiday fun and feel the cheer of the Spring's arrival with the great promotion offered at All Slots Casino. These are just the type of promotions that you won't want to miss and that will be a blast for every player involved.